Ice Cream

February 14, 2014

This is, for all intents and purposes, the first film I have ever made. It was the beginning of the semester, and I was assigned to “tell a story” in the form of a short video for my IMD320 class. I shot for an hour or so, just improvising and giving directions to my friend […]

Various Graphic/Web Designs

February 14, 2014

This is a series of projects that I completed as part of NMD104. All three of these projects were made in Photoshop with a little help from Illustrator. The first two are website designs, the last is a mockup for a movie poster. I may not be the best graphic designer on my first draft, […]

Lose that Girl

February 14, 2014

This is my final animation for ART370. The only part of this not done by me was the music, and the entire project took me roughly a day. It should be noted that this was only my second attempt at organic-looking animation, and my first with cameras in Autodesk Maya.


February 13, 2014

For my final project in NMD102 I was required to use an Arduino board along with a software of my choice to make something, and so of course I decided to make a game. I ended up rigging my Arduino with a light sensor, feeding that information into Max/MSP, then sending the data to Unity […]

Flight of the Dragon

December 10, 2013

For this IMD320 (film technology) project we were given a snippet of How To Train your Dragon, and we were supposed to strip the audio and replace it with our own effects, music and dialogue. Here is the video as well as a slightly edited version of the soundtrack I made (again using Reason 6.5)

Recorded Sound goes Dubstep

December 10, 2013

In NMD100 we did a series of “day in your life” projects. For one of them, we were supposed to take field recordings and assemble them into a coherent whole. Needless to say I got carried away. I used Reason 6.5 for the drum track and a couple elements of the dubstep drop, but the […]